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A swimming pool is a serious financial investment. It is the ultimate backyard amenity whether you want it there for aesthetic purposes or you actually want to use it for having a good time. A pool is certainly the focus of the entire landscape. Pool landscape design featuring lights and specialty materials is certainly a powerful influence on the beauty of the space. It is more than just planting bushes and a few flowers around the pool. You can plan and create a whole pool environment. Green Life landscaping is here to work on your swimming pool design and construction. We create an environment for you that will be hard to leave.

Many people forget that pool is simply another part of the larger landscape. Hence, it is best for you to hire a landscape architect for designing your pool and the rest of the site. Instead of hiring a swimming pool contractor in Dubai, let us do all the work. We are among those pool design and construction companies that work on the pool construction and landscape design so that they complement each other well and you have a beautifully integrated pool site.

We understand that pools are an expensive proposition and the designing needs a lot of time. You only build it once so, it is highly recommended to choose the most superior quality materials and work on the design well. Nobody would like to go to a pool site that does not please them. If that kind of pool is a part of your backyard, you would always be disappointed with the design. Fear not, the experts at Green Life landscaping have it all covered.

Our services include

Swimming pool design and construction

Right from the designing stage, our team undertakes in-depth planning and surveys to build a truly customized and stylish swimming pool that caters to the client’s exact needs and budget.

Swimming pool landscaping

We strive to render your imagination into reality in minimum time and on a pocket-friendly budget. We install lights, planters and more to create an alluring landscape.

Swimming pool maintenance

We offer swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai. Our experts use the latest techniques and methodologies to keep your pool in a mint condition.

Why choose Green Life Landscaping?

Whether it is swimming pool construction, designing or maintenance service, we serve you with the best of everything. We have successfully worked on different projects and pleased clients with our pool landscaping ideas.

  • We start by determining the optimal location of the swimming pool in your backyard. The choice of the pool depends on your lifestyle. We maximize the lawn area, work on the patios and beautify the gardens accordingly if you have children in your family.
  • There are plenty of important factors to consider for the installation and maintenance of swimming pools in Dubai. You have to work on grading, walls, drainage, patio, privacy planting, ornamental planting and the lawn itself. We make the most out of the pool landscape plants to incorporate the best landscape plan. Some of the common features that are added include landscaping lighting, shade structure, outdoor fireplace, hot tubs and even outdoor kitchens.
  • We have a range of options for the swimming pool designs. We provide our client’s assistance in choosing the right design whether it is pool shape, location or accents. We work together with our clients to come up with the best design. Whether it is luxury or a simple design, our architects and designers are ready to assist you with everything.
  • We offer swimming pool maintenance services in Dubai too along with constructing everything from scratch. Our friendly team is readily available to take away the worry from your shoulders. The more maintained your swimming pool is, the longer it will last.
  • We understand that different clients have different budgets for the designing and installing of swimming pools in Abu Dhabi. So, we have got a variety of pool designs for people of all budgets. The choice of the pool material, design and everything related to the landscape influence the price.
  • We keep everything transparent to let our clients enjoy the best of our services at the prices they can afford.

Green Life Landscaping is here to make the process easy and fun for you. We have been working on different projects related to landscaping and swimming pools in Dubai for a long time. We are also working on improving the deck. You can either choose deck pavers, decorative concrete, tiles, slate or bricks for designing the deck. Take a look at our swimming pool landscaping projects and you will have an idea of the kind of services we provide.

Call us now and let’s get started with your swimming pool designing and landscaping project. You hope to exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is better to get a professional swimming pool cleaned and maintenance services in after every week to a month. This covers – skimming, scrubbing, and vacuuming, as well as checking filters, water levels, and pool chemicals.

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Indeed. All our swimming pool designs are custom-built according to a client’s needs and budget.  Our experts also help you choose the best design and extra features so you get the ideal swimming pool for your property.

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Whether it’s a fully-above ground, fully-inground, or rooftop swimming pool, depending on the project it takes between 8 to 12 weeks to get the pool installed. Get a free quote.

Yes. However, it also depends on various factors, including –

  • The location of your property
  • The type of swimming pool
  • Pool maintenance
  • Enough outdoor space
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