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About us

Welcome to Green Life Landscape. We have been offering landscape services for 11 years in Dubai. Our team includes horticulturists, gardeners, architectures and businessman who are passionate about landscaping. Whether it is private and public organizations, we are serving them with our consultancy services by helping them in building and designing their landscapes. We have worked on multiple residential and commercial landscape projects in Dubai. By pleasing our clients with amazing quality and designs, we have established a great reputation in the city. You can count on us for not just landscape designing but installation and maintenance too.

We started our Green Life Landscape in 2013 and with the help of the team of expertise and friendly people, we have been fulfilling the landscape needs of our clients readily. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio and decide for yourself. We are licensed to perform the landscaping job. We choose the right materials and the right equipment to work on your plan. Whether it is the matter of renovating your green or redesigning it, our experts will work with you from the bottom till the top and please you with the results. Our services come at the best price and quality. Call now today for your landscaping needs.

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